A VFX animation (35′ min) for an opera scenography (stage directed and scene by Frederic Amat).

Client: Teatro Real (www.teatro-real.com)

The Beginning

Here we can see the IKONIC arts´s creative director (Pere Gifre) and project manager (Daniel Molina) talking about the audiovisuals pre-production with Frederic Amat, the stage director and scene.

The Pre-production

Once we have the concept art, we´ve made storyboards to develop the scenes with the director.

Viaje a Simorgh Story Board


In this project we created 35 minutes worth of computerized animation for which different techniques were required. We used HD filming, paintings in motion and 3D simulations with dynamic systems programs.

Different kind of birds.

Viaje a Simorgh _ kind of birds

The Process

When we got the concept art we developed the production animation to project it onto scenery.

Viaje a Simorgh_ The process

The Place

Madrid Royal Theater is one of the most famous European opera theaters. It has capacity for 1854 spectators.

Teatro Real Madrid


Frame by frame, using different animation techniques , we move on always on the same Frederic Amat art direction.

Here, there are some animation frame examples of the opera stage directed by Frederic Amat.

Viaje a Simorgh _ frames

On Stage

Here we can see some scene images of the opera.

Viaje a Simorgh_ Teatro Real

Viaje a Simorgh _ Teatro Real

Viaje a Simorgh

Viaje a Simorgh _ Teatro Real

Viaje a Simorgh _ Teatro Real

Viaje a Simorgh Opera
Client: Teatro Real
Location: Teatro Real (Madrid) Spain
Year: 2007
Duration: 35 minutes
Work: Animation on scene
Stage Director and Scene
Frederic Amat

Pere Gifre

Daniel Molina

HD film
Lluis Masachs
DDM visual

Adria Fernandez Co
Albert Blanch

Production Company
IKONIC ARTSPhotography
Christian Caballero
Jordi Cane

3D animation
Ricardo Puertas

HD Editor
Lluis Masachs
Eduard Marti
Pere Jorda

Movie Projection