elBulli Tableware – La sexta TV

elBulli sculpture collection, Ferran Adria by Gifre. Fist prototypes in la Sexta TV. Ferran Adrià present first prototypes of new tableware collection from elBulli taller Barcelona. No online videos available.

el Bulli: history – Tve2

New elBulli sculpture collection: Ferran Adria by Gifre. Conclusion in new elBulli documentary on air in RTVE. First emission. Worldwide distribution: RTVE No online videos available.

Food for Thought – Book

The creative universe of elBulli’s Ferran Adrià. A reflection on the worlds of avant-garde cooking and art. Ferran Adrià has revolutionized the world of gastronomy and his restaurant, elBulli, is recognized as the world’s best restaurant. So original and poetically...