Work description:

VFX Sculpture based on dynamic simulation systems.


VFX digital sculpture developed by Pere Gifre

(based on general concept by Program Collective)

A 21 meters, 65 ft, tall splash sculpture was formed from 135 independent and enterely computer generated pieces to represent the force, beauty and dynamism of a drop of water hitting a surface.


 Exhibition: “Agua de la vida” Zaragoza World Expo 2008

Program Collective

General Concept and Design Management

Place: Water Tower made by Enrique de Teresa
Venue: Expo Zaragoza 2008(Spain)
Opening: June 2008

The Concept

What more can express strength, force, danger, beauty, simplicity, complexity, sensitivity and virulence than a simple drop of water hitting a surface.

The Splash sculpture is an instant time capture, a moment, a frame… where a drop of water hit on a rectangular surface caused an explosion which Program Collective named Splash.

Pere gifre_splash

The Process

Mona Kim research picture where we can see a real water explosion.
In the design, we amplify properties that the water offers to us, thanks to fluids simulation, improving its beauty and heightening its sculptural function.


Simulation dynamic systems

Splash_by Pere Gifre

Final CG Sculpure

Sometimes the reality has to be amplified, this help us to amplify its beauty. We have done this with dynamic simulation systems.
This fields effects, turbulences or environmental forces help us to emphasize its sculptural function and improve its forms.


Stereolithography Model

We transform and adapt the pieces or the geometric computer models generated by fluids simulation to CAD/CAM systems to make the miniature model and understand better the sculpture.

Large Scale CAD/CAM Sculpture

PQC Company making the large scale sculpture based on Pere Gifre 3D Model

5 Main Groups digitally designed by Pere Gifre

GIFRE_Splash groups.

On place (working progress) – Program Collective

Finally  the large scale sculpture was adapted on place, inside the Water Tower Building.

“Agua de la Vida” Exhibition by Program Collective