“I have invited Ferran Adrià because he has managed to create his own language, something that has turned into a very influential issue on the international scene. This is what I am interested in, I don’t care if people consider it as an art or not. It is very important to mention that the artistic intelligence does not depend on the format; we should not relate art only with photography, sculpture, painting…, neither with cooking in its most strict sense. But under certain circumstances, cooking can also be considered as an art.”

(Roger M. Buergel)

When Roger Buergel invited Ferran Adrià, he became the first cook in the history of haute cuisine to participate in Documenta, something that implied to take decisions with no references in sight.
The way that Ferran Adrià has conceived the contextualization of avant-garde cooking into the world of art consists in making elBulli restaurant itself, located in Cala Montjoi, another Documenta pavilion. Any other solution not consisting in experiencing Ferran Adrià’s work at his restaurant betrays the leitmotiv of the invitation. So with this decision taken, the 50 clients that will have dinner at elBulli during the 100 days that Documenta 12 will last will become actual visitors of the exhibition, but not in Kassel, in Cala Montjoi.

From a side perspective, Ferran considers that the intervention itself started with Rogers’ invitation, and includes the reflections and the debate between people related with art and cuisine about the way that cooking can be brought to an exhibition like Documenta.
But how could we connect the visitors of Kassel with the intervention that will take place every day in Cala Montjoi? During the exhibition, the art director of Documenta will choose daily in a random way two persons amongst the visitors of Documenta in Kassel and will offer them the possibility of living the unique experience of having dinner at elBulli. To make it possible we count with the cooperation and the sponsoring of the Rosas City Council, the Costa Brava & Pirineu de Girona Tourist Board and Caixa Girona.
Marta Arzak, Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao Teaching and Performance Assistant Manager, and Josep María Pinto, Ferran Adrià’s collaborator in the making of elBulli General Catalogue, have participated in this intervention.

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The complete menu that we tasted in elBulli.