Water Feelings – Bon Art mgz

BON ART magazine JOURNAL OF ART, visual culture and heritage written by industry specialists. Contains articles of reflection, criticism, reporting, interviews, news updates and a complete schedule around the Catalan Countries (Spain, Northern Catalonia, the Balearic...

Woman mgz

Woman Magazine Nº207 December 2009 Work: Prestige Hotel – Color particle LEDs environment study

el Bulli history of a dream…

Original title: elBulli, historia de un sueño Directed by: David Pujol and Albert Adrià Concept by : Ferran Adrià Packs: “elBulli, historia de un sueño” (serie de 9 capítulos); “Un día en elBulli” (capítulo especial); elBulli, historia de un sueño (la película); Libro...

Splash – Domus

Publication DOMUS 917 Cover, issue 917, september 2008 Photography: Tess Hurrell VFX Sculpture based on dynamic simulation systems. Link http://www.domusweb.it/ http://www.domusweb.it/home.cfm

elBulli Tableware – La sexta TV

elBulli sculpture collection, Ferran Adria by Gifre. Fist prototypes in la Sexta TV. Ferran Adrià present first prototypes of new tableware collection from elBulli taller Barcelona. No online videos available.

el Bulli: history – Tve2

New elBulli sculpture collection: Ferran Adria by Gifre. Conclusion in new elBulli documentary on air in RTVE. First emission. Worldwide distribution: RTVE No online videos available.